Drum Setup

Being a 'baby boomer' I have had a fair amount of gear over the years. If I had known then that there was going to be a vintage drum craze I would have kept it all! Like most people you had to sell your old kit to fund the new one.

My first half decent kit was an Olympic, then Premier, Ludwig, Rogers, Tama (my Billy Cobham phase!) Gretsch, which I had stolen. If you have a black kit with a single Slingerland tom mount and a slightly out of round floor tom hoop…..it's mine!

My current kit for the Glenn Miller Orchestra is a 1962 Ludwig Super Classic in WMP, with either a 400 or a matching 1964 wood snare that I got from American E-Bay for £70! I swap between this and a Yamaha Birch Absolute for other gigs.my current drum setup

I teach on a Yamaha DTexpress 3 Special, which I intend to upgrade 4 soon. Cymbals…. either a Sabian HH Stage Ride, K Ride, '60's Zildjian or 19" Armand 'Baby Ride'. 16" and 15" K Crashes, 14" K Hi Hats or '60's Zildjian New Beats.

If you are interested in learning to play the drums please see the Tuition page for more details or click the button below:



I like to use a Pro-Mark Cymbal Sizzler chain, but wind it round the wing nut so only half of it sizzles! Sticks I use are Vic Firth or Pro-Mark 5A.



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